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What does happiness mean for you?

It is a beautiful thing…the emotion; the feeling; the thought; the idea of happy 🙂

But what does it really mean??

We are taught that happiness is the answer to everything….afterall…didn’t most of our stories in our childhood, end with……”and they lived happily ever after”?

The word describes an emotion; a way in which we are told how to feel…but is being happy like any other emotion; or is it just a word?

What does happiness mean to you???

For some; they will tell you for is unattainable….

For others; they will tell you that for them….it is easy to achieve…

For you -the list could be endless… exciting!!!!!!!!!!!

For me…..I have learnt that it is many things…..yet the question I have been asking of late is….when did we decide that we knew what happiness was to another and when did we allow others to tell us how to be happy?


For me; there are a number of things that make me smile and generate the feeling of happiness within me……

I can’t list them all; but tonight was reminded that it is Ok for to have an ‘off day’ and it is Ok to acknowledge that I want to live an extraordinary life and feel ravishing….

So here are a few little things that light me up…..that generate what I like to call, “the happy bug” in me ……and after reading them… invitation to you is to take some time at the start of this new month….and look into yourself and acknowledge how far you have come, what you are up too in this life, what happiness is to you and if it is not there as much as you would like…..go have some fun & discover a way to bring the happy bug back into your life – your way – your rules.

Little things that generate the happy bug in me;

  • Waking up in the morning……………..
  • Sunsets from a mountain top
  • Dancing – in the kitchen while cooking………..slow dancing with my partner in the living room……..dancing til sunrise with my girlfriends………..dancing with a baby while singing them to sleep
  • Sitting by the river in the sun…..
  • A great brunch location with friends
  • Donating my time and energy to a good cause
  • Giving away things to people who need them more than me
  • Having people at my dinner table
  • Music – listening……… and singing in the car with the window down!
  • Buying new clothes for the first time in ages….with no guilt!
  • Hearing Laughter – and laughing so hard that you cry
  • Hugs – HUGS -HUGS! (esp from my mum!)
  • Having cuddles with my puppy Sooty…right up until she passed away at the age of 19yrs old – ( yes…thinking of her makes me feeling happy and yes i miss the cuddles still)
  • The smell of fresh mint
  • Seeing an elderly couple holding hands as they walk along the beach
  • The ocean at sunrise -watching the world wake up and feeling like the luckiest person alive
  • The ocean at sunset – wrapped up in a blanket
  • Waking up early only to realise that I can sleep in 🙂
  • Seeing love in others
  • Receiving gratitude from someone for your help whether it is telling them that they have landed their dream role or if by a coaching session I gave them a while back; they have seen the difference in themselves…..
  • A new born baby smell
  • Watching a classic film – like Casablanca on a Sunday afternoon
  • Being love
  • Receiving a massage and a facial!
  • Giving love
  • A good book with a blanket and a cup of tea on my favourite chair while it is raining outside
  • Cooking for people I love
  • Reading a story to a child
  • Buying fresh flowers and filling the house with them
  • Wandering through an antique store…..wondering about the stories of each item…
  • Being in airport…..
  • Getting so lost in the book that you lose track of time…..
  • A great tasting coffee – in Italy – France – New York – New Zealand – Melbourne……..
  • Sharing an “ahh moment ‘ with a friend
  • Being with my person and not saying a word
  • Beating my personal best in a run or lifting weights
  • Waking up in the middle of the night and feeling my lovers arms around me….spooning me.
  • Discovering a new place and meeting new people…
  • Having my hair stroked….
  • Looking in the mirror and realising that I love who I have become
  • Watching people say “I do”
  • A blank canvas
  • When someone makes you a cup of tea; and you just had the thought; “I could so do with a cup of tea”
  • Doing something for someone and watching the gratitude spread across their face….
  • Surprising someone with flowers
  • Being surprised
  • Someone offering you support without you asking
  • Falling in love
  • Letting go….