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Are you holding back the year

Welcome to a New YEAR!

New Opportunities!

New Adventures!

New era! WOW! Can you believe it is 2014 already!?????

Yes – I said era! And No, I wouldn’t have believed that 12 months ago that you can create a new era in your life every year……because it is just another year, right? I know some of you are over the New Year Resolution Movement already and it is only week 3…well I don’t make resolutions any more – I create projects – structured ideas – an evolution of opportunity!

Only this time, what is the difference you ask? I have no doubt about my ability to make it all happen! Because I no longer am concerned with holding back……(yes and right now you are all singing “Simply Red” holding back the years…… 🙂 )

Ok – first things, first!


A little bit of trivia – apparently it is THE X-Files 20th anniversary this year….I remember this being one of my favourite shows to watch as a teenager…(I wasn’t allowed to watch much TV – however I could sneak this in on a Wednesday night 😉 )..I remember being captured by the thought and the intrigue….

What is really possible? Is there life outside of this planet? Does science really explained everything?? Is the FBI that twisted & filled with conspiracy theories? How amazing would it be to live and work in another country and see how the world operates for them? What is it that is so exciting about the idea of living in another country?

Not much has changed really in the way of my viewing – however … I love to watch Once Upon a Time – because finally someone has answered what happens when the fairy tale story comes to an end and it says “THE END”! LOL! They go on living! And I love that they go on living with passion; with honour; with adventure and with love.

Come on….everyone has something that they love to get lost in – it is how we still use our imagination as adults…right?

When did you stop imagining the impossible? 

Each year is an opportunity to explore; live; love; laugh and take on the world with everything you have! The excitement of the unknown; and the known; the options; choices; places; people……I get goosebumps just thinking about it!!!!

Then I think of the crazy ideas…..or previous conversations with people……….Have you ever been to New York? Do you want to go to New York and have a Starbucks coffee in Central Park – wouldn’t it be a great place to people watch? (i did this by the way 🙂 )

Nah….we can now have a Starbucks coffee anywhere now – that is nothing exciting – you can even have Starbucks in Peru!!!

Well do you want to go to Peru and see where Paddington Bear comes from? Nah….I just read the story or google the pictures.

Ok; how about going to the Pyramids in Egypt and experiencing first hand the magnificence awe of the structures and the history of the people??? or ride a donkey into the Valley of the Kings at sunrise – feel the sun warm your skin? Nah; I can just watch a documentary on TV.

 Well do you want to write a story? Be a famous published author!? Share your thoughts with the world!  Nah…..everyone has written everything already.

MMmmmmmmmm do we see a pattern here?

As I look around and watch people at the start of a new year; a blessing that we all have to enjoy & how lucky we are to have so many different opportunities and choices, however it would seem that we have forgotten what it is like to experience the ‘real thing’; experience for ourselves first hand the sounds; taste; sight with OUR BODIES! with OUR HEARTS! with OUR SENSES!

holding on

As I reflected; thanked & welcomed in this amazing, exciting, BEST YEAR YET!! – with a close friend; – (I know it will be because that is how I am creating it) we enjoyed talking and getting excited about what is going to happen. 🙂 It felt good!

However on the days that followed and the more I spoke with people; the more I reflected on this, as I realised that it doesn’t feel like people are really living any more…..they just seem to be ‘existing’ – holding on tight – to what I don’t know – holding on to the past – holding to the dream of something better – holding on to the resentment or pain or joyful memories for fear that they won’t have anymore??? It feels like we are holding on so tight that we don’t know how to let go that which doesn’t serve us anymore?

Whether it is FEAR or SADNESS or ANGRY – something is gripping us so tight….It is like we have forgotten what it is like to let go  – to spin yourself around and around and around in circles til you’re so dizzy you fall over with the giggles and lay on the grass and feel like the world is trying to catch up with you!!! 🙂

We don’t know how to let go anymore – we seem to have forgotten that there is magic in the world because we have become so weighed down in “baggage”, that our promises to ourselves to live a life filled with joy; love; laughter; excitement; energy; peace & passion – seems ‘unrealistic’.

Moving forward……

I am no expert – this is just my observations – I just get this feeling that this is the year – is the year to stop holding back – the year to stop holding on to the past – the pain – the sadness – the what’ if’s or should have’s.

Aren’t you tired of always being tired? Of wondering what is missing?

I know I was and I realised that for the first time in a long time as this year came into being – I am not afraid of letting go anymore; because it is easier to jump from indecision city platform onto a moving train that is going forward, when you have both hands free!

You’ve got this!

My challenge to you is – make no promises that don’t feel real  – make no promises that don’t give you goosebumps – start small and  go from there – don’t do what I did last year – don’t put your life on-hold waiting for the next thing – and then cram 12 months of the year into 6 months! GO OUT THERE & TRY!

You’ve got this!

My challenge to you is – find something that gets you excited! That makes you feel like everything is possible!

You’ve got this!

My challenge to you is – find something that makes you smile – the kind of smile that hurts your cheeks! That way others will smile too when they see you smile! 🙂 Go see a kid’s movie once a month….

You’ve got this!

My challenge to you is – love yourself just as you are; right now – don’t waste another second! STOP worry about what other people think of you – it is really none of your business 🙂

You’ve got this!

My challenge to you is – take some time out and look deep into your heart and your memories and forgive – forgive once and for all.

You’ve got this!

My challenge to you is – find the magic again in the world – let your imagination run wild – what is the one thing that you have always wanted to do?????????? What if this year was the year you did it? How would it feel when you look back at the photo of yourself in that destination with all of your senses alive with the experience; because you were there?

You’ve got this!

My challenge to you is – GET OUT THERE AND LIVE! LIVE! LIVE! Be the example to those around you!

You’ve got this!

I can’t wait to see what you do!!!!!!!!!!