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Plot Twists….and Crazy Expectations!

AHHHHHH!!! Sometimes do you find yourself wanting to say -(mmm let rephrase that) – scream “AHHHHH!!!!!!! as people say things or react or as situations arise….and you find yourself just sitting there thinking, “I literally want to yell “Plot Twist” and wait for the camera to stop rolling…”

Only there are no cameras………..

Lately the last few weeks…AHHH! So here a little a quick tip for you from me!

imagesDrama School

Drama is everywhere – it is a theme that exists, however it doesn’t have to be the main attraction in the world around you. It is your reaction to others that you can control; so it is ok to step away from the drama – once you do, you are outside the drama with a completely different view.

I know it is hard when things don’t turn out the way you plan or peoples reactions to things or you do something that upsets someone. However it is not what you did that upsets that person – it is their reaction to you and their expectation of whom they think/perceive you to be.

AND it is who YOU ARE BEING!

YES YOU! YOU can’t be everything to everyone – so STOP TRYING!! It is a waste of your energy & time. What you can do, is BE the best you can with what you have & at the same time, BE what YOU need yourself to be. ACT without EXPECTATION of others – just be in the moment – just be yourself.

When we learn to be compassionate; patient; kind & loving to ourselves – we reflect that out to the world too.

So NOW what?…

How much of your day do you spend worrying about everyone else or the future? 30%? 50%? 75% or even 90%?

Life is this extraordinary adventure! There will be ups & downs….and YES – it is up to you how you CHOOSE to communicate. This communication is telling the world who you are and what you need. It is a CHOICE – in the moment. AND I know sometimes the MOMENT is that point of frustration, anger and sadness & that is ok too. Your emotions are your emotion – all emotions are right – they are only ever the meanings you give them – let yourself be with them in this moment (YES – just be with it- don’t reach for the chocolate or chips) just be with it & as you do this – you also let go & free yourself of what others expect of you & you change your state-YOU create some new head space!

So tomorrow when you want to yell “PLOT TWIST!” – try this instead…..

  • Take a step back – take 5-10 deep breaths and say to yourself –

“I release my expectations of myself & others…

I allow myself to be in this moment”.

Then to the person who you are with – offer them the same. Compassion in the moment – Plot Twists can be fun or shit – it is how you react to them and TRUST ME – lately my reaction has been shit – but now as I breathe in this new PLOT TWIST…(instead of my old pattern of eating it!!) it is going to be a new type of fun….because that is what I am choosing it to be 😉

Ps. Or go do a Boxing class – I find that helps too 😉

Just breathe.....
Just breathe…..