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It’s time to celebrate our 1st Birthday!

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday Dear Blog! Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday Blog!

I can’t believe that it has been a year since I started putting my journey into words and sharing it with you all! Wow! What a ride it has been!!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, because if it wasn’t for you (yes, you!) reading this; allowing my words to inspire you into action; this day may never have come.

I have been blown away by all of you – each and every one of you – from all over the world who have taken the time to read this!! From as close as Tasmania across the ocean to Hong Kong to Russia; to Turkey the UK to the USA to New Zealand to Bali to Singapore to Denmark and Italy (just to name a few) – each and every single one of you, has continued to read each post, sign up for notifications and share your thoughts with me – Thank you!

Your support, comments, questions and encouragement to continue to share my journey, has inspired me!

 So a few reflections, from the past 12 months:

  • It’s ok that I don’t know it all – Evolution is part of life and I love learning and will continue to share it with you all – I don’t know all the answers and never will – that is the fun part – I love researching and will always aim to ensure that I do my best to answer any questions you may have x
  • Play MORE! Do something you love – that makes you smile – don’t wait until one day – how about this weekend? What is that one thing that you can do, that you haven’t done yet – Mmmm standup padding boarding? Or Tell that person that you have a crush on them? Or go to a theme park? Or Enter that standup comedy competition? Possibilities are endless!
  • Balance is your friend – Say NO to the things you don’t want to do – yes people may get upset or be disappointed but you need to give yourself time too – rest – slow down – sleep in…..
  • No one has the right to treat you badly and that includes you – So STOP IT! Stop punishing yourself; verbally; physically and mentally. Be gentle today – say to yourself – Great job! Or You are beautiful!
  • Forgive – Forgive – Forgive – it doesn’t mean that you excuse the behaviour or what happened or what was said – it is time to move on and protect yourself – peace and forgiveness are wonderful gifts.
  • Brave! If you don’t take the leap and step up now – no one else will do it for you.
  • Your body is a temple and the only one you have – so stop abusing it and start loving it!
  • Be willing to take care of you first – than others – it is NOT selfish it is essential! 

To continue the celebration in style as I can’t share birthday cake with, I wanted to share instead some of the photos from my recent shoot! YES – they have finally arrived and I am so so so excited by them!!

Next step in my website!

(Massive thank you to everyone at The PhotoStudio in Glebe Sydney – they are incredible – I felt like a star! So check out their website for more details; as I hope it inspires you to do something extra special like this for yourself soon too. (ps. I love that when I am 90, I will look back and say – Damn you were hot!!)

Final note – Thank you once more – I am so blessed to have had this opportunity and I can’t wait to continue our journey together into the 2nd year of Fabulousness Unleashed, the next big leap – it’s been one hell of a ride so far!

This 2nd year…..I am determined it is going to ROCK! Keep an eye out for the next post….

Can’t wait to see you all there! Love Little Miss Fabulousness  xxx

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Jumping for Joy!

About 18months ago someone asked me; Can you give yourself permission to feel the joy in the moment???!!!??

My immediate reaction was; No!

So now I am asking you……..Can you give yourself permission to feel the JOY in the moment???!!!??


Mmm..What is JOY?

It is defined as; “a feeling of great pleasure and happiness”. Other words include – delight; bliss; rapture; glee;  and triumph!

Yet, at the time….I couldn’t understand, WHY I couldn’t I give myself permission to feel it? Through out my life (& it has become more apparent since I started my journey of transformation), I have noticed that as human beings, we stop or don’t allow ourselves, to feel certain things/emotions/reactions???

So I became to wonder…..when did we start thinking that we had to have other people’s permission to feel or NOT to feel?

So  today, I wanted to share with you some tips to explore this further for yourself – (10 mins tops I promise!)

  • Awareness is the first step….


Acknowledging how we feel is important for our everyday living – our emotions/thoughts have a massive impact on our lives – yet we are so bound by a ‘system’ that says we all have to ‘be a certain way’. And while it is important to respect others; when did we stop respecting ourselves.

I realised that holding back and allowing the ‘negative’ thoughts/emotions; was only damaging me – no one else – because no one actually knew how I felt plus it reflected in my body (weight – insomnia – anxiety) – and in my life!

So start to just notice the emotions (now I am not saying burst out with everything all at once…no one wants a hole in the wall, should you explode)…..but just at lunchtime today…take some time to check in with yourself – ask the question; “How am I feeling right now?

  • Listen…

Next – just notice where that feeling is in your body….listen to that feeling….be aware of it…what happened today that you just dismissed? Start to listen to your self as the incredible human being that you are… are important…

  • Acknowledge it…

Regardless of the emotion (anger; love; sadness; joy) just allow it to be – and then “thank” the emotion for bring to your attention where you are not giving yourself permission to feel and BE honest with you – it is not serving anyone by dismissing how you are feeling. Have you ever noticed that how emotions can spread….if you smile at someone…they can’t help but smile back at you 😉

Next step…. 

This is where you start to notice a shift – it will take time…..however for me, I noticed that when I was honest with myself and gave myself permission to feel the emotion…it didn’t take long to move on to another one (ie; if I was pissed off…feeling it and allowing it to be (or writing it down…..) made room for the next emotion…I started to notice that I felt happy more than I felt sad. That feeling both is normal…every emotion is right – we have them for a reason.

NOW I do feel JOY and I can give myself permission to FEEL it – because it isn’t as scary as I thought and it actually takes less energy to feel and acknowledge than it does to shove down with food as was my previous coping strategy!

JOY is more than happiness; pleasure; delight; bliss; rapture; glee & triumph….Joy is whatever you want it to be!

Your JOY can be allowing yourself to feel happy or giving yourself permission to love & start dating again…or JUMPING UP & DOWN when you achieve that big contract at work!!!

JOY is more than just that…or it can be as simple as that….you get to decide your reaction 🙂


So this weekend…take some time out of your day…(yes I know you are busy; but this is a great little exercise plus 1 hour is 4% of your have time to give yourself 4% of your day!)

  • Write down all of the things that bring JOY to you……
  • Then write down all of the things that are JOY to you…..
  • Then write down all of the things that you do that STOP JOY from being in you….
  • Then start to make a plan…..Reduce the inflammation in your life and make room for JOY!

For me now….JOY is every cell in my body working together to be the best version of me – JOY is Being awesome in the moment! 

This week, I have started writing in my journal again….just a few lines every morning upon waking…..

So today…I wanted to REALLY feel JOY –

Feel the joy of the sun on my skin…

Feel the joy of a hug from someone I love….

Feel the joy of breathing air into my lungs….

Feel the joy of being alive! 

So why not now…JUMP FOR JOY – right at your computer! Make it your self-expression today – to feel your own definition of JOYjumpfor joy

I would love to know what your definition of JOY is – share below 🙂


Oh and at the end of the week… a few photos to celebrate Little Miss Fabulousness turning 1!

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Taking the leap………what’s the purpose??

Lately, people keep asking me the same question…………………

“How did you work out what your purpose in life is?”

Mmmm ok good question…then I find myself asking them back; “What is the purpose behind your question???”….

My Answer: The purpose is not the end goal……. it is a series of actions and results; that continue to occur as my drive to live by my core desire/values, aligns with the world.

Taking the leap……

As we have discussed before…as much as I would love there to be a MAGIC WAND….there aren’t any & it is different for everyone.

For me; I always wanted to help others; however for years I used it as a reason of NOT dealing with my own life; because I didn’t think I was worth having what I really wanted……so I will just give and give and give and one day it will all sort it self out.

(Editor’s note: You can guess of course that never happened….when you ignore something long enough….it kind of stops functioning….everything needs a little TLC).

I didn’t need a SOLID FOOL PROOF PLAN either…(I had a plan for everything…and would set myself up to fail – unconscious self sabotage…to prove that nothing I ever wanted I could get)……..this time around….TAKING THE LEAP…..I had an idea…..I did the work….I breathed (A LOT!!)….I trusted myself (for the 1st time in years) and then I let go (which was the hardest part….HELL was that the hardest part!!)….and it unfolded……

So you are asking me the purpose of it all- well I am no guru like Eckhart Tolle – incredible man! For me….it is MY LIFE – I don’t want to just exist – I WANT TO BE EXTRAORDINARY and be the  BEST VERSION OF ME; to be a contribution in the world, to inspire others to be the best versions of themselves – SIMPLE 🙂

Next question:

“Now that you have transformed…what was the purpose of it all?”

Well….firstly – the transformation hasn’t stopped…(that is why nothing worked before; because I thought I had to ‘get it somewhere’ instead of enjoying the journey); ….or a better way to describe it is Evolution -it is incredible to take in a new view point and gain a deeper understanding of the world…..and the purpose…..well….it is like the seasons; every year they show up and do what they are designed to do………better than the year before 🙂

Ok…Ok…..I know you want more……so here it is…


I want to be healthy in body; mind & heart! 

(Yes; I want to look good in size 12 jeans….but it goes way beyond that – I want it all – the connection; I want to feel good too!)

To be the best VERSION of myself I can be!

To stop hiding and live life to the fullest!

What is the purpose of that? Because I want to be fit and glow with vitality & radiance! 

What is the purpose of that? Because I want to live until I am 101!!

What is the purpose of that? Because I have so much I want to do and see in the world! 

What is the purpose of that? Because I was to inspire others to be the best versions of themselves!

What is the purpose of that? Because I want to bring compassion and service to the world!

What is the purpose of that? Because I want to be able to teach my children to be the best versions of themselves – the world is an extraordinary and challenging place at times & they will have have to deal with; and with what I have learnt I can pass on the tools to help learn to be the best versions of themselves; to make positive contribution to the world.

AND the purpose of all of this starts with me taking care of myself from the inside-out, so that I can do all of this and more while aligning it to my core values and passion. AND look it keeps going….for a long time; but you get the idea…..

Packing for the Leap! 

I had to stop running old and not-useful patterns; the same thing kept showing up – I was enjoying my life and my work – but I wanted more…..I wanted to contribute to the world in a big way – I wanted to leave a legacy and I wanted to make a living doing it……however I kept setting unrealistic goals… I would cancel the plans….everything had to be perfect…..

I created a quote recently – “Perfectionism is Procrastination in a Prom Dress!”

So I adjusted the approach……Switch the goals… a ZONE…..and change your packing approach – STOP trying to cram it all in at once….be creative!

The more I thought about it; the more I realised that, with my new insight and a new level of confidence; I trusted myself more; that even if I didn’t ‘pack it all in the one bag for the journey’, I am savvy enough to deliver & make my life work, no matter where I am.

So what is the trick to taking the leap to unleash your purpose – Unleashing your Fabulousness?

  • STOP comparing – we are all on our own journey – stop letting your ego run the show and start listening to your heart – start focusing on the people around you who inspire you and connect with them – BE YOURSELF!
  • Listen to your language – your patterns are hidden in what you say – your thoughts create your world
  • GIVE yourself permission to give to yourself…..time…it is an incredible gift & it is FREE!!
  • RECEIVE – everything exists in balance – if someone wants to pay for your coffee to say thank you; let them 🙂 (ps. you wouldn’t give back a birthday gift – so allow people the gift of giving; be open to receiving from them & watch it flow).
  • JOURNAL!! Get your thoughts out of your head – gain some clarity; focus; peace….your heart will tell you what it wants if you listen….
  • BE bold – Unleash your dreams…What is your ideal day? Ideal holiday? Ideal home? Ideal Partner? Ideal Relationship?

Your purpose should you chose to accept it; is entirely up to you! 

Walkway through reeds

News!!! It is celebration time this month……Happy 1st Birthday Fabulousness Unleashed!!! and just in time to share with you my recent photo shoot!! YAY! 

Merci to Anthony Maragou for his artist photography for this week’s blog.

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Excuses – is your wolf just wearing PJ’s??….what are you really hiding from???



Did your mum ever say that to you as a kid – 3 times in a row; when you knew you had something to do and you hadn’t done it yet……and she asked you why not?????

Excuses.….we all have them…..good; bad; logical or not…..are EXCUSES a WOLF wearing different clothing, depending on the day?

Think about it?

Is it the most common conversation you hear…if you listen….do you hear the fear we carry around…..underlying those conversations… that what really stops us from operating to our full potential?

I have heard some amazing and quite creative excuses as to why someone is not worthy of having what they want……..

Then I started to wonder; it is ok to have excuses….even if we use a different word??? eg: reasons…..

And Why do we have them??

What is it that holds us back from doing the thing we know we need to do or doing the thing to avoid it?

Do we move towards the pleasure OR the pain of something due to the FEAR of the unknown?

Although I like George Washington’s quote – “It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one.”

AND if you knew that by moving through your comfort zone; up to the next level, only actually took 4% more effort (which is 1 hour of your day) to reach something you truly desired…..would you do it?

If you knew that the statement of “I am just too busy” would stop you from reaching that new goal or “I don’t have enough money” – or “I have to talk to my husband”‘ could ultimately prevent you from ever really being your most incredible version of yourself…..would you stop and think about another way of doing it?


I have learnt this year that it is natural that the biology of change – as we change – that we do feel uncomfortable, our limiting beliefs kick in – it keeps us from moving……what is this thing called a “limiting belief” you ask????

Well it is the belief that you create between the ages of 1 and 7 yrs old…..something happened….we decide that; that is how it is how it is going to be – our version of reality – we protect our selves…..yet – I ask you – how well are we equipped at the age of 7 to deal with the greater world outside of ourselves???

Look; I know we think we are – but it is the belief/habit that tells we are………the belief that you created as a little person….who did the best with what they had at the time – it kept you safe…..up until now that is…….

So instead of having what we want…..we sabotage to keep ourselves safe…whether that is with a diet (food); savings (spending); job (promotion); boy meets girl (relationship)…..believe me…I was an expert at Self Sabotage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK – right now, take look at the reason why you don’t have what you want…………

Is being safeplaying small – hiding behind the excuses, really going to get you the life you want???

If so, what are you going to do about it?

Well nothing….you are too busy….right??!!!

Well there is the choice to do something….time to flip them!

  • Step 1 – take a pen and a piece of paper
  • Step 2 – write down the 1 big thing you really want to achieve or do or place to go……
  • Step 3 – write down all the excuses of why you can’t have it –
  • Step 4 – keep going….keep writing……yes…that means writing more than 1 page….
  • Step 5 – read it out loud to yourself….keep reading……keep reading until all the emotion has gone out of it…you might laugh; cry; get angry….just allow yourself to feel
  • Step 6 – now – allow your mind to just write…..what is it that you really want and start to change your thoughts around it….

Can you sit there; close your eyes and really picture in your mind…..allow all of your senses in…smell it; feel it; taste it…….until that new belief makes you smile! 🙂 Now go write it down somewhere; a place where you will see it everyday – like your shower door or bathroom mirror…….

GIVE yourself permission to change…to have what you want….only you can do it …life is too short not too!!

Step up away from the fear – from the excuses!

You are worth it!EXCUSES

I have said it before – you can HAVE THE EXCUSE OR YOU CAN HAVE THE TRAINING – you can’t have both……

Training your mindset will change your life and it starts with you……… stop using my blog as an excuse to NOT go for a walk/hug your wife/dream a little bigger/or tell someone you love them…… and JUST GO!

See you next time 😉

Ps. please share below what excuse you flipped….

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Spring into Soul September – 20 things to think about…….

What an incredible morning!!

I am sitting here on my balcony with the sun warming my skin before starting work……..and loving how blessed I am to do this simple action; in a peaceful; healthy city; a place where I can give myself permission to just BE 🙂

(Which now as I write this; feels like I have champagne bubbles of energy floating around me!!)


With this sunshine moment – HELLO SPRING!!!! – It got me thinking………… much I have noticed of late; that as a society; we have slipped back into getting lost in the negative spirals of things that aren’t in our control……

LIKE WHAT?? Well, Why someone doesn’t listen the way we want them too? OR How rude someone was to you in that line while waiting to get coffee!!?? OR Why is it always so hard to get what you want?? OR  Why after trying so hard for so long; am I not losing weight? OR Why is the service so slow? OR Why is it so expensive to buy fuel???

Theses are just some of the things I have heard of late…..Is it that we have simply just forgotten or is it that we have stopped acknowledging the beautiful world around us???? When did we start taking the most amazing gift of simply just living; of simply just being – just being us – you – me 🙂 – for granted?????

With so any different ways to “connect”with others happening at any one time…….do we really ‘connect’? I have asked this many times over the last few months, as it feels like we have lost the ability to just connect in general not just to everyone else; but to ourselves…..and sadly we have over the last few weeks lost so many incredible souls from this world and it made me wonder………

When did we stop nourishing ourselves and when it become at a cost of losing ourselves?


As most of you know my journey to loving myself has been a rocky road; a roller coaster and endless rabbit holes tumbles…..

So many emotions; AHH moments; changes; breakdowns and triumphs! Looking back now; I LOVE all of it – I realised that it is all part of the journey….it is called BEING ALIVE! 

Lately though there has been a significant shift to a world of contentment and peace….. of incredible gratitude to my mind and my body on how far I have really come. With so much going on in the world; I find now that I no longer want to turn on the news and see more destruction or war……..I know that I need to be more present in what I do and the impact that can have…I want to make a difference in the world; in how women see each other; how they see themselves; within themselves.

And that starts with me…I am your reflection….I know that there is a lot more to unpack; however the fear has been replaced by adventure and a balance that I haven’t had in a long time – nourishing myself in every aspect not just in food or time or money or things.

So here are a few little things that have nourished my soul; my mind and hence my body over the winter months….so a little thank you my body and my mind.

Thank you to you for reading; as I wanted to share theses with you; to remind you to love the body you are in – no matter your age; shape; gender or position in the world.

Loving you – starts within you 🙂 

  1. BREATHE!! Stop and take some deep breaths – right now – really breathe… is amazing 🙂 plus you will instantly feel better!
  2. BE grateful – spend 5 minutes each morning just saying “Thank you” to your body 🙂
  3. Celebrate all that your body can do!!! Work on a plan to achieve new levels of movement – whether it is a new yoga pose or jogging for an extra minute or doing an extra pushup or walking a different route to view a new part of your city.
  4. REMOVE CAN”T & TRY from your vocabulary – You’ve got this – shift your mindset….one piece at a time –  you have 1 life 🙂 enjoy it!
  5. Acknowledge your own uniqueness – there is no one else in the world who is you or like you! HOW FREAKIN’ awesome is that!
  6. Celebrate your success – share your wins – don’t be shy – how will anyone know if you don’t tell them 🙂
  7. Tell the little voice in your head to get off at the next bus stop; YOU ARE YOU – defined by your personality; gifts and contribution to the world not your weight on a scale; your shoe size or dress size! 
  8. Do something for yourself that feels good – for me this week – a massage 🙂 oh and giving myself permission to sleep in!
  9. STOP with the excuses – write down everything that is holding you back – and then read it out loud until you laugh at yourself – change the way you view the excuses – you just might surprise yourself.
  10. Surround yourself with people who will lift you up; inspire you and have your back (by the way; if people try to pull you down; you are already above their level!)
  11. When looking at FACEBOOK or Magazine – remember what you are seeing is someone’s end results – you haven’t seen the years of training; nutrition nor do you have that person’s genetics (and yes I know that it is also photo shopped as well)- so STOP COMPARING! 
  12. Recently I had a photo shoot (it was incredible!!!) I was very clear that I didn’t want any changes made – however I saw my scars and stetchmarks on my breasts in one of the photos and asked if that could be ‘touched up’ – the photographer smile at me and said “Every lady I have shot, has stretchmarks; it is a beautiful thing how women’s bodies adapt – so I can but then it is not  you”.
  13. I have discovered the fun in exercise and movement again – YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  and since I have found it again – I noticed that – it is trueno one is actually looking at me while I am exercising (OK; yes my instructor is – she is great and is helping me modify in certain moves so I still get a work out but don’t aggravate my lower back) – everyone is focused on their workout – their results – SO who cares how much you sweat??!!!- it means that your body is working and moving!! Thank you body for working and moving 🙂
  14. Stop turning to food to validate your beautiful self! I know for me; for so long food was used as a reward; (childhood) So why not find something else to reward yourself with; for being you – like a sleep in or a good laugh at a movie with a friend or some quiet time outside in the sun – I also want to you look at why the food is the comfort in the first place??
  15. Give yourself permission to slow down live in the moment instead of jumping ahead……..(you know the old saying – fit your own oxygen mask first before helping others)
  16. Start valuing you; for you! – When did stop trusting your choice – your intuition???? Write a list and work on one thing a day or a week if it is too much… in your choice – you chose that reaction – take responsibility for it – STARTING RIGHT NOW!
  17. Drink more water – Are you serious – YES I AM GOD DAMN SERIOUS!! Your body is made up of 75% water – replenish it – you won’t want to grab for the other things as much… the coke or the ice coffee or the wine….
  18. Do something for a stranger – something little – like clean out your clothes or items in the house you don’t use anymore….give them to people who needs them – offer to walk your neighbour’s dog – For me – every few weeks I pick a bin in my apartment complex and I put it out for that person 🙂
  19. Write a card or a letter to someone to acknowledge who they are for you – win – win – as you both feel amazing – or offer to babysit for a friend so her and her husband can have a date night……
  20. Play your favourite music – DANCE – LAUGH – BE A SILLY JELLYBEAN – SING AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS! I danced around the house the other day just because and GOD it felt great! 🙂
  21. BONUS POINT – When you look in the mirror today – SMILE – that beautiful; gorgeous; sexy; incredible beingSHE IS AMAZING and all she has wanted you to do is to love and accept her just as she is and once you stop fighting with her……….you will be amaze at what starts to flow into you life……..

Please share below what you are going to do today to nourish yourself….. 🙂  I would love to know 🙂


Next week’s postExcuses – a sheep in wolf’s clothing or a Wolf wearing PJ’s??….what are you really hiding???

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Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?


I don’t know about you…….but I can’t stand it when people tell me not to panic!

Really – the last word you hear is ‘panic’ and telling me not to do something – well the rebel in me is going to want to do it because you said not too!

When we Panic – we don’t make rationale or logical decisions…… Panic is an emotional response – flight or fight.

Right now – the fight in me has gone…. and I just want to fly – because you know what…it looks like heaps more fun!

A beautiful Soul Sister said to me the other night – “It is Ok to want to run to your destination as long as it is you running towards your desire and not away from what you don’t want to deal with”. 

Sometimes you know you are on the right path; yet in the very pit of your stomach; you realise that you can’t be everything to everyone and I am choosing not to stay this way to please others. And has I have said many times before; If you aren’t comfortable or like who I am then that is OK too – you can leave at anytime – the door is to your right….just don’t block the traffic.

Lessons from Fairy Tales….

In the past we had Fairy Tales or Fables,  to help us learn how to guide our morale compass. The Big Bad Wolf in Little Red Riding Hood – don’t talk to strangers……(or was he misunderstood over the years and was craving acceptance to be loved for who he was…??) .

How about Little Red Riding Hood; could the Wolf have been her spirit….her internal dialogue? When she wanted to hide from the world…or maybe run free….she turned into the Wolf……????

Everyone has their story and it depends at the time of your exposure to it – how you relate to it.

Recently; I saw the adaption of Maleficent; the Evil Witch in Sleeping Beauty – this version showed that she was misunderstood – a broken heart; a burnt soul; wings of self expression destroyed – it takes a lot to heal that and yes – it was her reaction to the betrayal that created her new persona – yet she also realised that she could control her response – change her reaction and heal……she also, through the learning from another;  was able to uncover what love really meant for her.

So you realise too that; in all of theses stories – power is not evil – you can be calm and feel powerfully grounded – even if you are wrong; you can acknowledge this – grow from it.  Then we learn that when you push against your soul connection and force it to be something it is not -or to look a certain way or to be a certain way that doesn’t align with you; that is when you are turning against your inner desires and things stop working.

So my point is – I was afraid for a long time; I was afraid of the “Wolf”/”Maleficent” in me – and then I wasn’t…. – because the Big Bad Wolf was just misunderstood……the emotions and the reactions I was having – were misunderstood.


Recent realisation…………a BIG HOLY SHIT MOMENT!

Look lets cut through the Bullshit – I know most of us have something that we don’t like about ourselves – I am not sure when it started or why it happens…..or what you don’t like….I personally think everyone is beautiful because there is no one else like you!

I know some people; they think they have a crooked smile; or they don’t like their nose or they feel that their eyes are too small… And even though we may get upset about our imperfections, they don’t interfere with our daily lives.

However in all of my transformational journey, the learning’s and experience about my feelings around my body; it wasn’t just about my self worth or imperfections that I saw…..It was recently pointed out to me that there is a disorder that for some people their real or perceived flaws consumed them for hours each day and prevent them from living………and HOLY SHIT – I realised that this had been me…..

Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD).

According to the Better Health website (Victoria government): it can be defined as-

“Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is a mental illness in which people constantly worry about the way they look. They may believe an inconspicuous or non-existent physical attribute is a serious defect. Consequently, they may stay at home or keep their appearance hidden. Treatment includes cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and antidepressant drugs.”

I had been so ashamed of myself – my body – some days I was at a loss of what to do……hence further information advised of……

  • Can’t control their negative thoughts and don’t believe people who tell them that they look fine.
  • Their thoughts may cause severe emotional distress and interfere with their daily functioning.
  • They may miss work or school, avoid social situations and isolate themselves, even from family and friends, because they fear others will notice their flaws.
  • They may even undergo unnecessary plastic surgeries to correct perceived imperfections, never finding satisfaction with the results.

For years; in my head – (I felt like I had the Big Bad Wolf inside of me at times) – there were times that for days on end; I would isolate myself because of my ‘flaws’; and when people said you are beautiful – for me – they were lying; my negative thoughts were out of control and yes surgery did enter my head – I wanted to completely change the defected body I thought I had.

You see the thing is; no one talks about this – not one Doctor when I told them of my thoughts and feelings – the downward spiral; acknowledged that this disorder even existed – I was just depressed/fat/lazy- (Please note; that depression is a part of it; so please seek out support).

It is only recently that I have discovered what this is all about and how occurs for some on a very extreme level.


I was also told that “Eating disorders are just more extreme versions of the exact same issues that we all have with eating. Technically everyone who struggled with their weight has disordered eating in some form or another.” 

If you would like read more about what is being done; check out the link below from the USA:

Acknowledging the Big Bad Wolf; she was misunderstood……

I am so grateful for this new knowledge and the incredible opportunity to not only heal myself through new techniques; I know it is not an easy process and for others the journey has been and will be very different.

I have been able to create a shift in beliefs; my values and with daily habits of self-love – to move forward….I am no longer afraid of the Big Bad Wolf – she is pretty cool – she walks beside me now; instead of in my head – AND now; the more I learn; the more I can help others through their journey of self realisation.

Look – some of you will disagree;  and some won’t know what to say – all I know is that issues like Eating Disorders/Depression are not something that people talk about – it is almost like we are afraid….afraid that we won’t know the ‘right thing to say” or “what to do” – but you know what – the biggest gift in my shifting out of the fear and into the flight – to SOAR in my life – was someone asking me – “isn’t it time for you??”;  they listened; acknowledged and then showing me the tools so that I could take 100% responsibility for myself and my life – it wasn’t easy – but now; as I continue to learn; evolve and gain more knowledge – there is no looking back!!!

Ps. Including……a photo shoot!! and I can’t wait to share them with you!! Some will be for my website and others will just be for me 🙂

New Chapter….

As some of you may have read; recently it was announced on my Facebook Page of my exciting news and the amazing opportunity that my journey has taken me on!!

I am now working as a Client Service Manager for My Mind Coach……!!!! Now I get to serve others to help get them where they want to go in life; so that they can love themselves and shine brighter than ever!  Just as the incredible Kylie did for me 18 months ago 🙂

Words can’t express how my life has changed and the overflow of gratitude that I have for her support and encouragement to take a leap and soar!

Watch this space!!!!

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What does happiness mean for you?

It is a beautiful thing…the emotion; the feeling; the thought; the idea of happy 🙂

But what does it really mean??

We are taught that happiness is the answer to everything….afterall…didn’t most of our stories in our childhood, end with……”and they lived happily ever after”?

The word describes an emotion; a way in which we are told how to feel…but is being happy like any other emotion; or is it just a word?

What does happiness mean to you???

For some; they will tell you for is unattainable….

For others; they will tell you that for them….it is easy to achieve…

For you -the list could be endless… exciting!!!!!!!!!!!

For me…..I have learnt that it is many things…..yet the question I have been asking of late is….when did we decide that we knew what happiness was to another and when did we allow others to tell us how to be happy?


For me; there are a number of things that make me smile and generate the feeling of happiness within me……

I can’t list them all; but tonight was reminded that it is Ok for to have an ‘off day’ and it is Ok to acknowledge that I want to live an extraordinary life and feel ravishing….

So here are a few little things that light me up…..that generate what I like to call, “the happy bug” in me ……and after reading them… invitation to you is to take some time at the start of this new month….and look into yourself and acknowledge how far you have come, what you are up too in this life, what happiness is to you and if it is not there as much as you would like…..go have some fun & discover a way to bring the happy bug back into your life – your way – your rules.

Little things that generate the happy bug in me;

  • Waking up in the morning……………..
  • Sunsets from a mountain top
  • Dancing – in the kitchen while cooking………..slow dancing with my partner in the living room……..dancing til sunrise with my girlfriends………..dancing with a baby while singing them to sleep
  • Sitting by the river in the sun…..
  • A great brunch location with friends
  • Donating my time and energy to a good cause
  • Giving away things to people who need them more than me
  • Having people at my dinner table
  • Music – listening……… and singing in the car with the window down!
  • Buying new clothes for the first time in ages….with no guilt!
  • Hearing Laughter – and laughing so hard that you cry
  • Hugs – HUGS -HUGS! (esp from my mum!)
  • Having cuddles with my puppy Sooty…right up until she passed away at the age of 19yrs old – ( yes…thinking of her makes me feeling happy and yes i miss the cuddles still)
  • The smell of fresh mint
  • Seeing an elderly couple holding hands as they walk along the beach
  • The ocean at sunrise -watching the world wake up and feeling like the luckiest person alive
  • The ocean at sunset – wrapped up in a blanket
  • Waking up early only to realise that I can sleep in 🙂
  • Seeing love in others
  • Receiving gratitude from someone for your help whether it is telling them that they have landed their dream role or if by a coaching session I gave them a while back; they have seen the difference in themselves…..
  • A new born baby smell
  • Watching a classic film – like Casablanca on a Sunday afternoon
  • Being love
  • Receiving a massage and a facial!
  • Giving love
  • A good book with a blanket and a cup of tea on my favourite chair while it is raining outside
  • Cooking for people I love
  • Reading a story to a child
  • Buying fresh flowers and filling the house with them
  • Wandering through an antique store…..wondering about the stories of each item…
  • Being in airport…..
  • Getting so lost in the book that you lose track of time…..
  • A great tasting coffee – in Italy – France – New York – New Zealand – Melbourne……..
  • Sharing an “ahh moment ‘ with a friend
  • Being with my person and not saying a word
  • Beating my personal best in a run or lifting weights
  • Waking up in the middle of the night and feeling my lovers arms around me….spooning me.
  • Discovering a new place and meeting new people…
  • Having my hair stroked….
  • Looking in the mirror and realising that I love who I have become
  • Watching people say “I do”
  • A blank canvas
  • When someone makes you a cup of tea; and you just had the thought; “I could so do with a cup of tea”
  • Doing something for someone and watching the gratitude spread across their face….
  • Surprising someone with flowers
  • Being surprised
  • Someone offering you support without you asking
  • Falling in love
  • Letting go….



Self Love

Lesson Number 101….You can’t love something you hate….

Strong words right – polar opposite – LOVE/HATE…yet can we have one without the other???……scary to realise that underneath the love that I had newly discovered and was enjoying the experience of in my life…was the shame of actually admitting….that the fear is back….the really deep belief that “I will never reach my goals in any area of my life” because right now….I feel hate towards myself and I never thought I would ever be here again……….. 

I was on top of the world in March…feeling like I could fly – soar to new heights with ease and grace; I was healthy; happy; fit; feeling confident and sexy – there was nothing I wasn’t willing to try and everything was coming together!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With my journey of transformation continuing into it’s 2nd year…I found myself traveling to Bali in May, (which for those of you that follow the Facebook page, you will have seen the photos and the adventure which was an incredible process and holiday including feeding baby elephants, a full day of pampering, yoga by the beach every day; meeting amazing people who I have learnt so much from (Carl, Ferry, Bella & Carmen) and riding a horse down Kuta Beach!!) to add to my skills by studying Life Coaching so I can serve others to love and inspire themselves to new heights; little did I know what it would uncover and I had the shock of my life half way through the course…………..

Well…Little Miss Fabulousness…..she took a not -so-graceful-dive to a very dark and angry place.

Hi, My name is Selina, I am Little Miss Fabulousness and I feel like a fraud….

ImageIn my journey to inspire others and to be the best version of me…I was on track….then, I wasn’t….I lost my focus on the loving part of my body and starting to hate it, resent it, and resist it for not doing all the things I had ‘unrealistic’ set up for it to achieve – all I could see and feel where the flaws. I hadn’t really allowed myself to accept that love and hate coexist and I have to learn how to balance them both………as with nature….everything has an opposite…it’s balance and it is designed that way, now…I had to learn how.

I spent hours crying…beating myself up…trying to work out what the hell had happened?????…why was I so angry…..why is it that I can tell you a million things that I don’t like and only a handful of things I do?? I was stuck in concrete, led there by the old bullshit that decided it wanted another chance to prove this gorgeous new identity that I had created…that it as wrong….

You see, you and I both know that this belief thing about what we are worth,is reflected in our lives….in our bodies…because it is what is in your mind….it reflects in your relationships….job…money matters and health.

I had started to take my body for granted again…… can’t acknowledge and love something only part of the time…you have to accept it flaws and all…..because this is the only body; only life you have….then why punish it? 


Because for the last 2 years, I have been holding on to – in the back of my head…despite saying I am ‘fine’ and staying positive…”What if I am not strong enough; What if i haven’t done enough to beat this??

Because if I haven’t won this battle; it doesn’t matter that how hard I work to make money for the company to get the promotion to earn more money to live the life I really want to live, because no matter what I do, it will never be enough OR if someone wants to be with me for life, I won’t be healthy enough to live a life that is full of adventure and love OR I won’t get the choice or opportunity to be a mother OR if you accept me regardless of my body shape or size despite what the media says….if I don’t beat this….then it was “all for nothing” and by this I mean the possibility that the CIN4 cancer cells will be back and the cyst that they found, that has been growing as much as I want it to be ‘just a benign cyst” – will prove that, no matter how hard I try…it will never be enough…….and I am tired of trying to impress you, to accept me.

I am tired of doing everything the ‘right way’; I was exercising for the punishment to ‘make my body get to the goal faster’ instead enjoying it – I was in a cycle of downward hell…..a fog….I got caught back in the ‘net of perfectionism’ – instead of striving for progress not perfection I let the anger take over. I didn’t feel valued/worth the efforts I was putting in – and I started to judge myself again based on the fact that after my recent health incident; where I had to rest and heal…in 2.5 weeks, I gained 5kgs and felt like ok well if this is what happens when I take my foot of the pedal and screw it……


After a couple of weeks…………..I stopped holding my breath and realised that I had kicked it – I got the all clear – I can give myself permission to get back in the game – but I felt like a failure…I had let you all down because I lost sight of this beautiful gift called life and I let the bullshit run the show – I was coaching myself in circles; journal-ling for hours; doing so much EFT (tapping) on myself that I think I bruised myself (LOL!) …………….AND YOU KNOW WHAT- this SELF HATE THING, isn’t OK at any size!

So many of us; regardless of where we are at, do this! Why do we think it is OK to hate something about ourselves??? Why are we comparing??? What do we get out of this self loathing or criticism???

We get to hide…. we get to doubt our magnificence and purpose in this world! 

For me, it was about going back into ‘safety’ – and why do you ask is this so important and has such an impact? Because as a child, there was a time when I didn’t feel loved; that I was a burden and an annoyance – now keep in mind I was only 8 years old…(Please note; * Girls’ self-esteem peaks when they are 9 years old. (McGraw, Carol, “Media, hormones, peer pressure do a number on girls’ confidence”, The News-Sentinel, Mon, Jul. 31, 2006)) – yet this ‘rejection’ has stayed with me; right up until recently & then, I asked for help…..and I was told this – STOP over thinking this; it is OK to just allow your body; your life; your journey to be right where it is now….just allow it to be.

This is my life; this is my body, this is it! I have spent enough time hiding – holding back – fighting the dark – fighting myself because when I started to stand up and shine in the past….it made others uncomfortable when I stepped up; my experience has been, you get jealous; insecure and felt that you needed to belittle, dismiss or throw hate at me…..yet remembering Lesson Number 49 – your reaction to me isn’t about me; it is about you and I no longer take responsibility for it.

Releasing and forgiving the anger; because it is safe for me to be me..letting go of the OLD LIMITATIONS and the OLD BELIEFS…I am not my parents; I am my not colleagues; I am not friends; I am not the girl I was when I was 24….I am me & I allow me to be OK to rest – recharge and refocus and I just need to allow my body to be; to be it’s beautiful, slim, sexy, curvy self; with confidence; creativity and a savvy approach to living!

It reminded me;

I want women….to love themselves healthy 🙂 

I want men…to love themselves healthy 🙂 

I want the children we encourage and raise; to have a healthy belief in themselves that they are incredible and they have the energy; zest and love for themselves to live their lives with everything they can; because we are living examples of this.

By inspiring others; I want to launch you into action!

As getting back on track is easier and faster now, with my new tools that I have learnt and am a Life Coach (although I am creating a different title…Life Strategist); whether you are, Male or Female – Young or Old – let’s celebrate our success together! Let’s get back out there; realign your self to your direction – no matter what it is you want in life; I know you can do it! Go look in the mirror; and tell that incredible human being – that you’ve this!

So again, I say this message….this blessing, this life, this body…..because there is no more one day – only today because tomorrow may not look the way you planned; so be prepared to love yourself and your life that you created – because the only person that can create it or change it; is you.

Hi, My name is Selina and I am Little Miss Freakin’ Fabulousness and it’s OK to be me, I am going to keep showing up and LOVING this life; every single f***king part of it– because I accept that I am on a journey and it is about living it and loving it; just as it is now and just as I am allowing it to be. 

Ps. Just a little note again to say thanks to everyone who voted for the What Women Want Expo photo competition back in April – I came 2nd and will be heading to Sydney in July for the shoot!! Woohooo! Some of the photos will be used on my new website….so watch this space as the creation has already started to take place and I will be sharing a few little insights as we go along! 


Self Love

When you stop being scared….then you know you are Brave…….

PAST LIFE….journey with me back to Europe……

In my life, I have been lucky enough to continue to build, improve, align my learning/knowledge/skills/abilities/career/goals in many different arenas in this world.

At the age of 25, I moved aboard and began what would be some of the most amazing years of my life – unbeknownst to me.

I travelled many places…..met many people…saw some of the most awe-inspiring features of this world!!!

At times I was afraid….so scared….. and then so excited & happy…….have you ever had those moments where you were completely out of your depth???!!! 

As a little girl I had wanted to travel.. so bad…to click my heels 3 times and be in a new places….to learn….to indulge….to feel the sun on my skin to see if it was different….to fly in a hot air balloon… be amazed by things that I had only read about….and this has not changed as an adult; I want to do the same thing still……click my heels 3 times and explore the world…..however…for now I am just going to explore why I am so scared in this moment.


One of the most amazing times of my life was when I lived in Europe working as a Nanny. 

I loved it! It wasn’t work…it was love…it was passion….it was my purpose and commitment at the time…to be a part of these little people’s lives….to encourage…to empower…to love….to nurture them to be confident in who they are in this world. To be a team with their parents….to be of support to their parents so that the family unit was strong…loving…fun… and connected. 

As a Social Worker in Child Protection this wasn’t something you saw much of… as a Nanny – the caregiver/provider I was able to do this and be so much more. 

The reason for the title of this blog, is that it is a statement that I used to say to one of my little ladies, who for the first 6 months of my care of her……was extremely shy….frightened of the world and unsure of her steps each day and was too afraid to have fun… times she reminded me…..of me.

So I decided that I wanted to give her the best I had, to slowly nourish her soul and body and mind to trust her eyes in this world so that she could stand tall and be who ever she wanted to be….being the youngest, she was the ‘baby’ of the family; however she wanted so much more and yet would tell me all the time that she was ‘scared’; ‘afraid to be alone without me’, or ‘when you go, the new nanny won’t love me the way you do”.

My time with all of the children I cared for was precious and a privilege; yet this little lady made this statement to me in my first few week….and I was determined to help her find in herself her words and courage to be a little girl who was brave and proud of herself. 

Do you remember when you were little and something frightened you so much that you were frozen to the ground….or you didn’t want to open your eyes in the dark….or you would hide under the blankets because of the storm…the thunder…the lightening….would ripple through your body… you stayed completely still, until you were sure it was safe to move? even though the storm had passed?


Each day our routine was similar and I used to say to her everyday when I picked her up from school – “It is lovely to see you!!” and give her a big hug – I never asked how her day was….I let her tell me in her own time….and if she didn’t that was ok too. She began to walk a little taller…skip…smile more…take a step or two ahead of me…..she trusted that she could.

Within a few weeks her teachers approached me and said that whatever I was doing…to keep doing it…She was interacting more with the other children; playing with different toys; she has stopped crying when they asked her to do something & they believed it was because of the way I was with her; my warmth; my approach; my style…I had a ‘presence’ her teacher called it. 

I wanted to show her how to have FAITH in her words…her abilities….her instincts….so when she was scared…I never dismissed it….I would couch down to her level and hold her hands and say: 

“It is Ok to be scared….be scared… that you know when it stops…that’s when you know you are Brave“.

It was just my style…my way of being and it gave her something to focus on…….she knew I would still be there…..however she had faith and trust in who she was….a brave little person. 


For me of late….I have had to remind myself that my word for me (MY DESIRE/MY NEXT STEP) is FAITH.

FAITH in myself……TRUST that my message…my purpose….my service to the world is unique…… is time to bring out some of the projects that I have been sitting on for years……..and not let my fear – the messiness….the craziness…..the pressure…..get in the way.

For so long, I have been going through the motions…..I don’t want to just wait anymore…..I want more meaning in my life….I want my excitement back!

Yet, my Perfectionism; it has been my tag line for years!! It has been the one thing that has held me back from being my potential. TO BE ME…TO BE BOLD…TO BE BRAVE…….because I am scared….I am worried about judgement….rejection…..distraction….

One of my mentor’s the other week, Carl Massy made the suggestion to stop describing myself as a ‘perfectionist’; stop being a ‘perfectionist’! It has stopped me from making effective progress in my day for long enough….in my projects….in my sense of worth……OUCH……it is true……and the more I stopped using the word…..and just did a ‘great job’ or a ‘great project’ or had a ‘great conversation’….the pressure shifted.

It is time to close the chapter…end the story of the fight…..

Write the next chapter Little Miss Fabulousness….it is Ok to be with the fear…“nothing is perfected until it is completed”!

So then I went and did a little detective work…and did a little more reading and I came across another beautiful lesson from Brendon Burchard – Live. Love. Matter. –


As we all continue to learn from many places; sources; reasons; elements each day…I am reminded that I need to nurture my inner little girl with some fun!!!

I am reminded of my little lady in Europe…..because we did have some fun together….we learnt from each other.

So to all of you – the children….the mentors….the friends….my inner child….thank you for moving my inner awareness once more.

I am Ok with the fear….and then just do it – being brave is all part of the experience……


Ps. Thanks to Anthony Maragou for his creative photography in this week’s blog –

Self Love

Starting from behind ….No more baby; I am starting within!

Tu me manques!

I have missed you!

A few people have asked: Where have you been?….I am excited to say that I am here & very much glowing with radiance!

Oh and if you have liked my Facebook Page you will see that my thoughts and words are still processing everyday in my “Memo for Today” posts.

How are you all???? So much as has been happening in the last 2 months for everyone, as for me…I am not sure where to start!!!

Mmmmm…I will confess to you all, that for a little while I did shut down – I know I promised I wouldn’t; otherwise nothing comes from your heart; therefore your intentions don’t align for you; when they operate for others. You once again, lose yourself in others expectations or their process of who/what you should be aiming for in this world.

I have lived for so long with rejection and inadequacy be the driving force of who I am…..and this journey over the last 12 months has shown me this….yet here I was allowing others reactions to my blog….my ideas…my journey….my job; that job title… results…my thinking….take preference…I was allowing it to define me.

Somehow their rejection/opinion of me had become important again.

Why was I suddenly so concerned about others; some of whom had no knowledge about me or what I have to say – or for some it was about meeting a certain level (which I hadn’t met yet) would that be all I am ever worth to them? Why am I trying so hard to get where you want me to be, that it has stopped being about what I want?

Some would say that they feel threatened….others would say that they are concerned…..or others have said, stop being so ambitious or why do you keep striving so hard….just enjoy the now….because all of a sudden; I realised that I don’t remember the last time I got want I really wanted……so many promises had been made and broken and it hit my heart deep. 

For me, I have learnt that rejection can shape you…however it is actually a rare thing and comes down to an internal fear……and I got that I have given so much patience and attention to the rejection/fear/others negative reactions to my choices and who I am now and where I am not….that I have decided to stop tying myself up in your definition…..actually…even if you keep going…I am going to ignore you. 

Why? Because no purpose was served before …it might have for you – to lift you higher…and just because now I am feeling more clear in who and want I want to do – your words or reaction isn’t going to stop me…because I am not defined by you or your expectation of me. 

  • I am not a size 10; so if you want to date a girl who is; then leave and go find one. 
  • I will never have the same drive or approach to a situation as you do; so please stop pushing me into a corner – you can’t make a box a circle…it is a box for a reason. 
  • I am not your ex girlfriend/wife; so stop comparing us. 
  • I am not going to chew on a necklace in a photo shoot so give a ‘cuties’ look – I am one beautiful and sexy woman – let’s show the world she is here to stay!

I want to give myself to the world; I want to serve others and to do that, I am doing it to myself first; without concern. For so long I limited myself to the world and to myself because of others rejection/opinion of me. For example – I had written so many entries  and then saved them in the draft folder for later….they were still there today! (well not as of tonight…I deleted them all and decided to combine instead!)

My vision previously, has always been what I had today to contribute; just in my current knowledge. I am this, therefore I can never be anything else! Every-time I come up with an idea; research it – someone else has it – or what if I will never be unique in my message to make the change I want in the world –  OH MY GOD – how f***ing limiting is that! In many conversations of late, I have heard how we often we start something because we are feeling that we are ‘behind’ or need to move forward or to have to prove something to someone or to lose weight because then I will be successful…..

So a question for you – What about you??!!….isn’t your happiness and being a great person in the world

something positive to strive for now? 

I posted up the other day a statement on my FB page – by J.K Rowling – I must confess that I have never read a book by her however I still give thanks to her for being so powerful in her belief in herself, that she could create a new way to contribute to the world. 


I am a beautiful person – inside to outside – I see that now. I thought for so long that because I was FAT that I couldn’t have what I wanted – even though I was nice; kind; warm; loving and passionate…those who bullied me or were vain or cruel with their actions/words…I thought were worth more to the world; however it is not.

Despite the magazines and the photo-shopping of women; the degrading that occurs between women – I have found now that I have stopped the negative way of living and thinking; I am attracting and surrounding myself with women (& men) who inspire and lift each other up to the next level and celebrate their success!! We share our ideas; our passion; tears; hopes; fears….it is amazing! 

I recently attended with my beautifully stunning friend Madeline, an evening of live conversation with the gorgeous Elizabeth Gilbert; Inspire Creativity – she was so generous – so raw – so warm – so funny and so inspiring – I left the evening thinking to myself –

“No matter what my message is – it is unique and it is mine and it will resonate where it will”. 

Here are a few of her quotes that have made an impact on me – Thank you Liz for reminding me that it is ok to question and be creativity in my own way 🙂 

Our most strident convictions with amusement, or perhaps even pity. (Oh, those silly humans! So desperate for their absolutes!) Sometimes it seems like the only job of the world is to gently (or not so gently) separate us from our deepest assurances, exposing us once again to that ultimate moral teaching tool: humility. Elizabeth Gilbert.

Despite having written five books, I worry that I have not written the right kinds of books, or that perhaps I have dedicated too much of my life to writing, and have therefore neglected other aspects of my being. Elizabeth Gilbert.

So many changes!

So many AHH Moments – new strategies – new lessons – new goals and some even deeper drilling down into my own core to smash through some tough shit! In the mist of all of it; I have been to Sydney & back – working on a EXPO spreading the message of SELF LOVE – oh and also I came 2nd in a photo competition to be the FACE OF WHAT WOMEN WANT! Very exciting – I have also attached it to this blog- i love it!! Then it off was to the Gold Coast to learn new skills in marketing and sales for business with an phenomenal team of business people; started HOT YOGA again…ahhhhh; creating what the next level looks like for me plus I have started working each week with Carl Massy THE HAPPINESS STRATEGIST on the 30 day happiness challenge prior to my course in Bali – 2 weeks to go!!! It is amazing to have another coach and Carl is definitely a force of amazing committment; passion; happiness and diversity in what he offers in his coaching! Here is the link to see more closely what I am up too with him:)


Over the last few months; as my health continues to improve and my head is clearer and my energy has focus….I have learnt that i can live in to my next level and I am much clearer on that today and will be even more so tomorrow and so on……. 

I am never going to limit myself again nor my ambition on what I think is my today’s inadequacy.

I am one of a kind; I am a very unique individual; there is no one else like me!

It is my creative expression – my passion – my connection – my meaning to the world that I am now working on…..I am of service to others; to you; and I started with me; I went within and that is why I am starting with this blog as I create my way to serve you best.

HENCE my message remains the same…..

Self love is the first kind of love 🙂 it opens up the soul for love to enter from all sources…..