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What a difference a year can make! Breast Cancer -it picked the wrong woman to fuck with!

Hello Amazing Peeps!

I know, I know!
It has been a while in between written posts!

SO much has happened in the last 12months – I returned to Europe for a month (it was amazing to be back!), took on new private clients, launched my WHOLE BODY FUSION workshop series and found a lump in my left breast.

Yep – you read that right!

36 years old and I received a cancer diagnosis – you have Invasive carcinoma of the left breast. My GP said to me “thank goodness you are healthy and fit and have the right mindset!”

If you have been following my FB page Selina Jane Louise – you would have seen that I documented the journey through photos and LIVE video blogs – so that I can continue to raise awareness around body awareness, acceptance, connection and LOVE.

My desire is to continue to inspire everyone to CHANGE the WAY they THINK about THEMSELVES! Especially women – we need to model excellence to level our lives up and soar!

You desire to have what you want and you do no service to the world by HOLDING BACK!

It is time to stop holding ourselves back!

I was – HOLDING MYSELF BACK – PLAYING SMALL – HIDING and then something happened (Cancer the unspoken blessing) and I realised that if I stop all of that – I am UNSTOPPABLE!

CANCER picked the wrong woman to FUCK with!

I have come through  surgery which is known as a Lumpectomy also called breast-conserving surgery or wide local excision because — unlike a mastectomy — only a portion of the breast is removed & my nipple re-attached.  Then had fertility and have 22 frozen eggs now. I have now completed my CHEMO cycles (which was not pretty & at times freaking scary), I also got to trial the new PAXMAN Cold Cap which for stage 2 breast cancer patients helps to minialmise the hair loss (I cut it off and donated it prior to treatment and went slightly bald on the top during treatment 🙂 ).

My amazing hairdresser Bartholomew who donated his time to support me

I was determined that CHEMO was to be FUN – and to focus my mind & thoughts on healing, healthy cells, vitality and LOVE! (You had to wear something on your head if you came to see me!) Oh and plus I got a visit from CEO of Icon Cancer Care – he was great fun!

CHEMO sent me into early menopause so monthly I have ZOLDEX injected to preserve my ovaries. I will be on hormone therapy for the next 5yrs with 6monthly check ups.

I am now a STAT – I am only 5% of women under 40 who got Breast Cancer here in Australia -and with no family history I decided to pay for genetic testing (over $1000 and had to sent it to the USA – so thank you COLOR!) The results came back negative to any of the 30 cancer genes that were tested including BRAC 1&2.

SO I am in the 70% unexplained as to why I got it.


However – who care about the WHY! It is the HOW I am going to LIVE & WHO I AM going to be in this world with this new awareness! I am so proud of my mind and body for what it is doing to regenerate and optimise for a new level of health & vitality!

I know now that if I had not have done the work on myself…my mind…my bullshit beliefs…my fears…my self hate – then I would not have been able to process and deal with this process as I have! Everyday I meditate and set my intention to thrive! Everyday I listen to recordings to have my cells regenerate! I am also using so many complimentary therapies as well to support my system including Reiki, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Acupunture, Kinesiology, Chiropractic, Body Work, Compounding Chemist and Hypnosis.

I am so determined that my ONLY CHOICE is to LIVE with more passion, more purpose, more power and MORE LOVE than ever before!
I did a lot of release work on myself the night before the surgery and during CHEMO including all my past LOVES and the disappointments that I held onto (my heart sits under my left breast) I have been trying to protect my heart from hurt and I have been missing out on so much JOY & SO MUCH LOVE!

I know now, what I really want!  More than ever that I want it ALL (I have release the guilt and ‘I am not enough story’) and will continue to come from a place of LOVE, ACCEPTANCE and CONNECTION to share my insights and inspire others to make the changes for themselves to SHINE, INSPIRE & SOAR in their own lives. That is why I love my Personal Power Coaching Sessions with my clients, My workshops and guest speaking gigs – because it is powerful to transform and there is so much freedom and peace in it.


So….I am curious to know: 
What is it that you really want? 


Share below xx or write on my FB wall 🙂

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It brings me so much joy to serve you & if you want coaching – send me a Private Message on FB and let’s see what we can create!

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