Self Love

How many times did you open the fridge door last night?

Everyday we are told by the world (& each other) that we are not good enough as we are…..over time, this has a massive impact on our self esteem.

  • Buy this item & you will feel good about yourself…
  • Do this exercise program & you will have this body….
  • Eat this & you will land the dream job…
  • Wear this & you will find your perfect partner…
  • Lose the last 5kgs and everything will fall into place…


So then you find yourself opening the fridge door looking for something to eat & grab anything – even though you are not hungry but by the time you have swallowed, it’s too late – is it to shut out the noise? or are you really looking for answers inside the fridge….

No wonder you struggle to get back on track; if your fridge is full of crap – and you eat that because you feel like crap – isn’t that just double crap?

So my question for you is: How is your fridge feeding your insecurities??

YOUR self esteem is your self esteem….no one gets to tell you how to feel, see or hear yourself; least of all a piece of  electrical equipment that keeps your food fresh plus it actually tells you about your past – yes – your past.

What were you thinking when you brought the food? What were you feeling?

All of this has an impact on the choice of food you buy and the choice you make to fuel your body with food that nourishes or food that surpresses your emotions.

My fridge....
My fridge….

I know you are searching for answers.

I know you are frustrated.

I know you have had enough and despite your positive intentions,  the couch is your friend along with the crisps and ice cream that you don’t tell anyone about.

I know you want the overnight magic wand to feel better;  then you will lose the weight – then you will land the dream job, however it doesn’t work that way. It took a while for you to get here and then something happened. You realised that you wanted more & enough was enough… wanted to STOP feeling like you aren’t enough. And the reason I know this is because I have been there. It is time to feel your emotions…to take time out for you.

It is ok to take your time to nourish yourself, love yourself, heal yourself – ACTUALLY it is paramount! 

Start by taking 10 deep breaths……then ask yourself; What is it that I want? Then ask; What is the purpose of that? Write this on a sticky note and put it on the fridge!

Then Do 1 Thing!

Everyday do 1 thing that will make the difference, that will make you FEEL good on the inside – then you will get there faster – you don’t have to take years to heal it can happen sooner rather than later.

I know, I know – you want it to last – well bathing doesn’t last..that is why we do that everyday….

So make the committment to yourself, that you will do 1 thing for you everyday that will nourish your self esteem; your mind; your body – stop stuffing down your emotions at the fridge! Even if you change the food in your fridge – colourful & fresh!

You get to decide what your reaction is to the world – so isn’t it time to STOP letting them tell you how to feel about yourself? I know what it is like to wake up and feel lost in the world of ‘I should look like this or that” – however it is so much more fun to wake up with freedom of having my self esteem and my confidence increased by me – you know why?

Because I am worthy, because I say I am….oh and yes I am Fabulous too!

If you want support through this, keep an eye out on this page (or PM me) as shortly I am opening up one-on-one support with me prior to the launch of my online program and workshops.

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